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Our Values & Vision


We want to welcome you to CELEBRATION CHURCH, BARRIE! This is a church that is: Bible based, Jesus centred, Holy Spirit led, and Joy filled. Our Vision rests on two key pillars:

1) Our first objective is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to be able to join us and worship with us. Our music blends the new with the ancient. Our worship style is informal. We will use some prayers that will be familiar to Anglicans, but our language is modern and easily understandable. This is not a place to be anonymous. We want each person to feel that they have been welcomed and that they are known. We exist for the next person who walks through our doors.

Our mission is for each person to come to know Jesus. In Luke 19 Jesus goes to the home of Zacchaeus who is a noted scoundrel. It is during a meal with Jesus that Zacchaeus gives his heart to the Lord and his life is restored. It was in having an uncomplicated face to face conversation with Jesus that made the difference for Zacchaeus. That is our Vision for ministry today.

2) Our second objective is for each follower of Jesus to grow in their faith and to go deeper. Psalm 1 speaks of a tree putting down deep roots. Our faith should be deeply rooted. Hebrews 5 exhorts us to go beyond a diet of milk and beyond the elementary doctrines. This means we should be growing in our: reading of the Bible, prayer life, holiness, generosity and care of others. Participating in a Home Group can greatly assist in this growth process. We are here to “do life together” and to “grow in faith together”.


We use the acronym A.C.T.S. to describe our Values. This reminds us that the book of Acts provides a template for every church. The book of Acts is filled with the “acts” of the Holy Spirit. At its heart every congregation is a Holy Spirit initiated and led enterprise. It is the work of the Holy Spirit that: leads us to faith in Jesus; nourishes this faith; enables us to share this faith; empowers us in service & missions; and enables us to care for one another.

A. “Alpha-Anglican” — many of us have been greatly impacted by the Alpha Course. Alpha is informal in style with a clear focus on the heart of the gospel message. We are contemporary and flexible in our worship style.

C. “Christ Centred” — it is our heart’s desire to be faithful followers of Jesus. He is at the centre of our life. We find him to be utterly compelling and appealing.

T. “Teaching and Bible Learning” — we are committed to life long spiritual growth, including learning and applying the truths of the Bible. We provide every member with a Home Group or Course opportunity to enable their ongoing spiritual growth.

S. “Service & Missions” — we are not a holy huddle. Jesus sends out his followers to take his love and message into this world. Every believer is called to find their niche for service & missions.